Bridal Gowns Alan Hannah

Bridal Gowns Alan Hannah, Rita Mae & Mia Mia


Alan Hannah is an award winning, leading, British Designer and respected by all in the bridal industry.

To give you an insight into the Alan Hannah label and the remarkable designer behind it in brief this is the story so far.

In 1988 the Alan Hannah label was born, in 1990 Alan was joined by future wife, designer, Marguerite Michael who took over the reins as creative director and designer of the single bridal wear range while Alan concentrated on Marketing PR and sales.

Speaking about the source of her inspiraton, Marguerite Born in Cyprus and now resident in the UK explained her design philosophy. "My designs are very classic, and understated the cut is everything" She is happy to single out her design idols, including Dior among her all time favourites. "I really admired Alexander McQueen for his absolute genius and innate understanding of what to do with fabric." Marguerite's love of her natural surroundings comes through very clearly in her use of embellishments. "as a young child i still remember the excitement of springtime and the dazziling colours that it brought, so i guess this must have made an early impression giving my obsession with putting beautiful flowers and beading on my dresses. One of my favourite pastimes is strolling around markets like Portobello Rd buying and admiring vintage pieces of jewellery and objects. This has had a big influence on dresses like Ellie, Kitty and Helena from the new Classic Beauty collection.

Marguertie has won a number of awards recogising her unmistakeable talent in bridal couture, including Bridal Buyer Designer of The Year, Retail Bridal Association Designer of The Year and British Bridal Association Designer of The Year on several occassions.

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